Italian film producer, writer and director GIL ROSSELLINI has died after a four-year battle with a rare bacterial infection. He was 51.
Rossellini depicted his fight with the staphylococcus bacteria in a series of documentaries entitled Kill Gil, a widely praised video diary of his hospitalisation.
He died on 3 October (08) in Rome.
Rossellini began his film career in New York during the 1980s, working as a production assistant on Martin Scorsese's The King of Comedy, and Sergio Leone's Once Upon a Time in America.
He soon started his own international production company Rossellini + Associates, with offices based in New York, Rome, and New Delhi, India.
Rossellini produced and directed films and documentaries including, as producer, the comedy Lontano da dove, multi-media rock opera The Polyhedron of Leonardo, six-part TV series Enemy Mine, and The Hole in the Wall - a documentary about children in India learning to use computers.
His Kill Gil (Volume 2 1/2) is set to screen at the Rome Film Festival later this month (Oct08).
And Italian president Giorgio Napolitano led the tributes to Rossellini in a statement on Friday (10Oct08), praising his video diaries and "the courage and determination with which he faced the serious illness that led to his being paralysed".