Writer, producer and actor FREDERIC MENNER KIMBALL has died of lung cancer. He was 75.
Kimball passed away at his home in New York on 4 October (08).
He is best-known for his role opposite Al Pacino in 1996 film Looking for Richard, which was partly written by the pair.
In the 1960s, Kimball formed the Theater Company of Boston with his colleague David Wheeler. The organisation became home to many young actors, including Dustin Hoffman, Jon Voight and Robert De Niro.
Kimball's credits cross boundaries between theatre, television and film, and include performances with Pacino in the 1979 production of Richard III and the first American production of The Balcony.
His writing credits include dialogue for a number of Pacino’s movies, including Author, Author, And Justice for All, and DICk Tracy as well as television scripts including Blind Alley, starring Chloris Leachman and Pat Morita.
Kimball’s first novel, An Indelible Mark - about growing up in mid-century America - was published just last month (Sep08).
He is survived by his wife, Ellen Graff, and his two children.