Film footage showing the last moments of tragic British stuntman Mark Sutton as he leaps from a helicopter on his final jump has been published online.

The daredevil, who thrilled billions of viewers around the world by posing as James Bond to parachute out of a chopper during the 2012 London Olympics opening ceremony, died in August (13) when a wingsuit stunt went wrong.

He and a handful of pals made a 10,000-foot jump over Martigny, Switzerland but Sutton was killed when he veered off course and slammed into a mountain in the Swiss Alps.

The group of thrill-seekers was being filmed for Internet extreme sports channel EpicTv and bosses have now released video of Sutton's final moments, following consultation with his family.

The footage shows Sutton wearing his wingsuit - which allows the wearer to glide through the air at high speed - and giving a thumbs-up gesture as he climbs out of the aircraft and leaps into the sky.

Fellow daredevil Tony Uragallo, who jumped from the helicopter seconds after Sutton, says, "Mark was my hero. Mark dying like that was just horrifying."