Lauren Jauregui thinks it's important Fifth Harmony make their fans feel fearless.

The 20-year-old singer - who stars in the chart-topping group alongside Ally Brooke, Normani Kordei and Dinah Jane - has been outspoken on a number of issues over the years, including the current US President Donald Trump, and Lauren feels the band can be a positive influence on their young fans.

She shared: ''For me as an artist, pop culture has so much power and influences society on a regular basis - I see it in the kids, I see it in everyone that I encounter, everyone is influenced by pop culture whether we want to be or not.

''Something that's so important, is just like empowering these kids and letting them know what their voice means and showing them that they shouldn't be afraid. Because there's nothing to fear.''

The 'Down' hitmaker feels a responsibility to make ''empathy cool''.

Lauren told HOT 97: ''This world is our reality, we create the reality that we exist in so if everyone can just think about what they're doing and think about what's going on and really care about it for just a second of their time.

''Empathy is so important and making empathy cool and make empathy a really amazing thing that everyone should want to practice. We should care about each other.''

In November, Lauren penned a letter criticising President Trump and his supporters.

And despite receiving some subsequent ''backlash'' from her letter, Lauren stands by her comments.

She said: ''I kind of saw a lot more support than I saw backlash.

''For me, the whole message was really important and at the time I felt in my heart compelled to say something about it because I so strongly believe in what I believe in and I myself I love who I am and I love who these women are. And we represent that.''