India's movie industry is reeling following fierce storms which have flooded expensive film sets, damaged box office takings and prevented numerous film shoots.

The country's movie capital Mumbai (Bombay) has suffered the heaviest recorded rainfall in India's history, claiming more than 900 lives and threatening the Bollywood film industry.

Few moviegoers have braved the dangerous weather conditions, causing a slump in cinema screenings, while many film studios were flooded and schedules disrupted.

Leading Bollywood trade analyst KOMAL NAHTA insists, "Almost the entire film industry stays in the northern areas of the city that were flooded.

"Many of the film stars, producers and production houses had water flooding their premises, ruining valuable material.

"There were definite losses but they were not as bad as the film industry is making it out to be.

"The industry was certainly affected but, as it has often done in the past, it tided over this calamity."

31/07/2005 09:27