The Trap Queen star broke his leg in three places in September (15), when he collided with a car while driving through a residential area in his hometown of Paterson, New Jersey.

In December (15), he suffered a setback in his recovery as he returned to the hospital to care for his knee. The 24-year-old is now walking on his own, but he initially didn't take advantage of treatment he was offered.

"I kept going because I got my fans (sic)," he tells XXL Magazine. "People fall and hurt themselves way worse than I did so I'm blessed that I only broke my leg in three places rather than losing a leg. I think I can live with that. Recently, I started walking on my own. Even though I should've, I didn't do the physical therapy. I wasn't about it, at that time. When I go onstage, that's my physical therapy."

And the accident hasn't turned the rapper off from riding motorcycles.

"I got my babies (motorcycles) with me on the tour," he adds.