Fetty Wap has become a father for a seventh time.

The 26-year-old rapper has welcomed his second child with Lezhae Zeona - who he has two-year-old daughter Zaviera Maxwell with - into the world, just two months after his daughter Alaiya with former girlfriend Alexis Skyy was born three months early.

Lezhae shared a video of herself clutching hold of her newborn son via Instagram Live.

Following the news of Fetty's latest addition, Alexis took to her Twitter to post a heartfelt message about her daughter, who is still thought to be in hospital.

She wrote: ''I swear being your mother is the best thing that happen to me (sic)''

Prior to the little one's birth, the 23-year-old model revealed she would be in hospital ''for a long time''.

She said: ''They're gonna have me in the hospital for a long time and I just pray that everything do good. She's okay, she's fine.

''She's healthy that's all that matters to me. She's like three months early, so I don't know.

''The goal is to keep her in there but once your water breaks it kinda is hard.''

The 'Trap Queen' hitmaker - whose real name is Willie Maxwell - recently confirmed he will have seven kids when his son was born.

He wrote on Instagram: ''Actually my son is on the way so it'll be 7 at 27 with 22 million ... so yeah I think my odds are better than you boyfriends and all my kids moms have moved on and living their life (sic)''

Fetty - who also has son Aydin - is thought to be a father to lover Masika Kalysha's baby girl Khari after she identified him as the dad, but he suggested he wasn't.

However, Masika later revealed she had asked her former lover to undertake a test to prove paternity on multiple occasions but he refused.

She previously said: ''I tried to demand him taking a paternity test. He doesn't want to take one. I asked him seven times, 'Will you just volunteer and do it?' He refuses.''