The Trap Queen star recently returned to East Side High School in his native Patterson, New Jersey to film the promo for stoner anthem Wake Up, but he raised concerns among local authorities when they learned the track featured multiple references to drug use and the footage featured a stripper dancing around a pole in a classroom.

While the promo was filmed out of school hours and does not feature any students, the video sparked outrage among district officials, who suspended principal Zatiti Moody.

After hearing of Moody's suspension, Fetty decided to show his remorse for the unexpected repercussions by attending a Paterson Board of Education meeting on Wednesday night (14Jun16) to express his regret.

"If I disrespected anybody, I came today to apologise, but I also wanted to let people know that I'm a product of my environment," Fetty said at the meeting.

Fetty, 24, dropped out of East Side High School as a teen.