Female rappers REMY MARTIN, Shawnna and JACKI-O have turned their back on their solo careers and are uniting to form a supergroup. The currently un-named group's debut album will only feature cameos from female guest stars - and will be released this Spring (07). Remy Martin's 2006 album THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT REMY launched the hit single CONCEITED, SHAWNNA featured on Ludacris' 2003 hit single STAND UP and JACKI-O released her only album, POE LITTLE RICH GIRL, in 2004. A source told AllHipHop.com, "They have been recording tracks over the past month. Jacki-O has been in New York and Shawnna and Remy have been in Miami. The album is going to define all three of them and the material is going to speak for itself."