The father of Blade actress N'Bushe Wright was found dead in his home on Tuesday (10May11), hours after a relative had reported him missing.
Police discovered Stanley Wright, a well known New York City jazz musician, stuffed in a storage chest in the basement of his Brooklyn residence.
Adrienne Wright, Stanley's niece, who stopped by her uncle's house on Saturday (07May11), tells the New York Post, "I knew something was wrong. I saw the door open, something told me to go inside. The house was messy and he would never live like that. I thought maybe he was away for a couple of days."
The cause of death has not yet been determined. Wright was last seen on Friday (06May11).
The 62 year old, who had played bass, piano and drums at the world famous Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, also taught music at a local school.
He is survived by this three children.