Film-making siblings PETER and Bobby Farrelly are devastated they can't film their upcoming baseball movie Fever Pitch in Boston after being ordered to film it in Toronto, Canada.

A huge amount of Hollywood movies have been filmed in the Ontario city and the west coast's Vancouver over the past few years, due to the millions of dollars studios save in production costs, thanks to the generous tax breaks from the Canadian government.

The Dumb And Dumber directors begin filming next month (SEP04) the American version of British author Nick Hornby's best-selling novel Fever Pitch, about a man torn between his obsession with ARSENAL soccer team and his girlfriend SARAH.

The book was first adapted into a British film in 1997, starring BRIDGET JONES heart-throb Colin Firth, however the US version's lead character will be crazy about baseball team BOSTON RED SOX. Jimmy Fallon will play sports-nut BEN opposite Drew Barrymore's LINDSAY.

Peter moans, "I want to shoot the whole movie in Boston. But as of right now, I'm only going to do seven days at Fenway Park (Red Sox's Stadium).

"It's criminal. This is the ultimate Red Sox movie, and we have to make it in Canada."

Despite Barrymore and the Farrelly brothers offering to take a cut in pay, the producers still can't afford to film the whole romantic comedy in the US.

Peter says, "They have to pass some laws (in the US) to help people out or these jobs will keep going to Canada."

03/08/2004 03:01