Australian rock star JOHN FARNHAM fought through the pain barrier to perform his farewell tour after injuring himself in a motorbike accident.

The 56-year-old bowed out last June (04) after a spectacular career spanning five decades - but only barely made it on stage after tearing ligaments and damaging the rotator cuff in his shoulder in a nasty smash.

He says, "I like to refer to it as coming off a 750 dirt bike after failing to jump the hill.

"The truth is - I came off my wife's step-through Vespa while I was up on the farm. It's embarrassing. I fell off the pussiest of all bloody motorbikes.

"It made everything very interesting because I was going through a considerable amount of pain for the last two-thirds of that tour.

"I couldn't go off the road and that caused me great anxiety. Then I'd get anxiety attacks because the pain was so unbelievable.

"As soon as I walked on stage, the pain would leave me. The audiences would lift me up and take me with them."

06/09/2004 21:07