Tyler Perry's Madea's Family Reunion became just as big a hit over the weekend as his Diary of a Mad Black Woman was a year ago. The new film took in an estimated $30.3 million on 2,194 screens, averaging $13,788 versus $14,771 for Diary, which opened on 1,483 screens. Two other new films tanked. The Weinstein Co.'s animated   Doogal grossed just $3.6 million, while New Line's Running Scared scared up only $3.1 million. Disney's doggy adventure Eight Below placed second in its second weekend with about $15.7 million, dropping only 22 percent from its opening weekend, while the third weekend of Sony's The Pink Panther took in $11.3 million, to bring its gross to $61 million.

The top ten films for the weekend, according to studio estimates compiled by Exhibitor Relations:
1. Tyler Perry's Madea's Family Reunion, $30.25 million; 2. Eight Below, $15.7 million; 3. The Pink Panther, $11.3 million; 4. Date Movie, $9.2 million; 5. Curious George, $7 million; 6. Firewall, $6.3 million; 7. Final Destination 3, $5.35 million; 8. Doogal, $3.6 million; 9. Running Scared, $3.1 million; 10. Freedomland, $2.9 million.