Fadi Fawaz's nephew has blasted George Michael's ''disrespectful'' family.

Following claims that Fadi, George's boyfriend of six years, has been banned from attending his funeral, Josh Fawaz has slammed the family of the late star.

He told The Sun on Sunday: ''I don't understand why they have so much hate for him when all he ever did was love George. Not being there to say goodbye will devastate him.

''Can you imagine losing someone who you have been in a relationship with for six years then being pushed out like that?

''It's stupid and disrespectful of George's family to give him such a bad time.''

Josh is surprised at the snub because he believes his uncle was on good terms with George's family, before the 53-year-old singer passed away suddenly at his home in Oxfordshire over Christmas.

He said: ''The week before he died we messaged each other a lot, and everything seemed perfect between them. To say they weren't together then is absolute nonsense.

''And to call him a gold-digger, are you kidding me? That is crazy talk. Fadi doesn't care about money at all.

''He was doing well for himself before he met George. There was no rift that I knew of between him and George's family before he died.''

And it has been claimed that Fadi could be forced to move out of the George's London home, as an executor has been appointed to oversee his estate.

A source said: ''Lawyers and the executor will effectively turn off the tap on spending -- meaning the gas and electric could be cut off and Fadi made to leave.''

Meanwhile, there is further heartbreak for George's family as his funeral has been postponed until March due to a delay with toxicology tests, as police work to discover his cause of death.

An insider said: ''Everyone is upset and mystified by the delay.

''They just don't understand why it is taking so long.

''It is really upsetting that George is still lying in the morgue when people want to say goodbye to him.''