Former FACES star IAN MCLAGAN has fuelled speculation the band are plotting a comeback - as Rod Stewart has finally agreed to a reunion.
The group split in 1975, with bassist Ronnie Wood going on to join the Rolling Stones and Stewart launching a successful solo career.
Although the band have been the focus of reunion rumours for a long time, keyboardist MCLagan has now confirmed they plan to reform.
He says, "We're hoping to get together later this year to play and then we may have some news, but I want it to happen, badly.
"Rod hasn't wanted to do it for a long time. He didn't see the need in it but I think he really wants to now. It's going to be great if it does happen.
"The Stones aren't going to tour for over a year so Woody has a window of opportunity; Rod has a window approaching."
MCLagan also admits he has already been working on new material for the group.
He adds, "It would be great to record new tracks. I have a couple of songs that Rod might like.
"I think that would be the way to go, though, not just to go out on tour. It'd be great to have an album."