Former teen idol FABIAN won't want to remember the past weekend too often - he crashed his car and then fell off stage at a concert. The 64-year-old singer, real name FABIAN FORTE, and his daughter were briefly hospitalised on Friday (02MAR07) after they were caught in a car crash in the California desert and then the aging hitmaker stumbled off the stage at a casino show the following night (03MAR07). The TIGER singer was performing at the Spotlight Casino in Indio, California, with LOU CHRISTIE and Frankie Avalon when he fell off the stage. He suffered a scraped chin. Fabian says, "It's a miracle that we survived that accident. Except for being sore, I thought I could do the show. I didn't want to disappoint the audience." The singer is expected to continue with his 1950s nostalgia tour with Avalon.