EXTRAS star ASHLEY JENSEN has such a crush on Orlando Bloom she plucked up the courage to ask for his number when they filmed an episode of the hit show together. Jensen, who plays Ricky Gervais' long-suffering pal MAGGIE in the British TV show, shared an on-screen kiss with the Pirates Of The Caribbean star and admits it was better than her wildest fantasies. She says, "I've got his number! I haven't rung it though. "Sometimes when you meet these people, you think, 'Please don't let me down, please don't be awful.' But everyone entered into the spirit of Extras. "There were moments when I went: 'Gulp, David Bowie.' Or when I was standing at the bus stop next to a huge Pirates Of The Caribbean poster, and I thought, 'I was talking about dogs with Orlando yesterday.'" Jensen has recently landed a role in US sitcom UGLY BETTY.