Former THREE 6 MAFIA rapper MR DEL is planning to release his first official full-length project since leaving the hardcore hip-hop group - a gospel album.

Mr Del - who now preaches in Memphis, Tennessee at the CITY OF REFUGE HIP-HOP CHURCH - released MR DEL PRESENTS HOLY SOUTH WORLDWIDE yesterday (29JUN04).

He tells website ALLHIPHOP.COM, "Worldwide is the introduction to the new move in the music industry. It represents the Spirit of God living in this hip-hop generation."

Mr Del, now a pastor after becoming a born-again Christian in 2000, also heads up the gospel record label HOLY SOUTH RECORDS.

He says, "The south has always been noted as the dirty south, but we are a people that's chosen by God whom has washed us with his precious blood and now are declared clean.

"So we are not the dirty south, we're the Holy South."

30/06/2004 09:32