Eva Amurri Martino is ''proud'' of herself for confronting her PTSD after her son's accident last year.

The 32-year-old actress was devastated when her son Major James ''suffered a fractured skull and bleeding on his brain'' when he was dropped by a Night Nurse last year but she is pleased she has managed to confront her feelings of guilt head on giving him the best life.

She told People magazine: ''I wanted to get a group of really inspiring women in my life to come together for this great cause without our husbands and kids, to talk about the bigger things in life and focus on the right things such as right here in our communities that the kids aren't starving.

''This year, what I'm proudest of myself for is getting through all of the crazy aftermath of my son's accident last Thanksgiving - confronting my own PTSD postpartum anxiety and depression and getting to the other side of that.

''My son actually probably recovered better than I did. For sure. He's perfectly fine. We're so lucky - it could've been easily a lot worse. I consider ourselves so blessed and so thankful ... It definitely took me a much longer time to recover in all ways: emotionally, mentally and physically. It really took a toll on me physically, just the whole aftermath of that accident.''

It comes after Eva - who has her son and a daughter with her husband Kyle Martino - previously admitted she felt like she was ''failing'' her son when she couldn't breastfeed him.

She explained: ''My breastfeeding journey got totally thrown off. While we were in the hospital with him, and in the next couple of weeks, my milk supply dipped big time. The stress was just too much for my body, and I had to start pumping to up my supply, as well as use lactation tea to increase it ... But then, my post-partum anxiety began, and my milk supply has been so troubled ever since.''