As it turns out, the box office wasn't quite so robust over the weekend as original ticket-sales estimates had made it out to be. Both the No. 1 and No. 2 films opened significantly below their studios' reckoning. Oz the Great and Powerful actually opened with $79.1 million, down from the weekend estimate of $80.3 million, while Jack the Giant Slayer took in $9.8 million compared with $10.02 million that the studio had expected it to earn. Nevertheless, the Oz receipts represented the third best March opening of all time, behind last year's The Hunger Games and 2010's Alice in Wonderland. It also helped lift the box office out of the doldrums, where it had languished during the previous six weeks. Oz still has a long way to go before it becomes profitable. Although it earned an additional $69.9 million overseas, that brings its worldwide gross to $149 million -- about half of which goes to the theaters showing it. Many analysts estimate that between production, distribution, and marketing costs, the studio has spent upwards of $300 million on it.