CRASH star Jennifer Esposito is beginning to think twice about commuting to movie locations from Los Angeles after a nightmare nine-hour return from Santa Fe, New Mexico this week (beg25Jun07). The actress had to fly back from the set of her latest film to make a series of TV appearances in Hollywood - and had no idea her travel plans would be so hellish. Everything that went wrong did for Esposito - she was stopped and searched at customs, her flight was delayed and she spent hours sitting in a hot plane on the runway in New Mexico. She explains, "I've been travelling back and forth... and I see the guards all the time... That day they decided to go through my stuff." And when the actress asked why customs officials chose this flight to make an example of her, they explained the Zip-Loc bag she was using to transport toiletries and cosmetics was too big. She adds, "I was like, 'You got me, put me in jail.' "And then the flight was delayed, it was one of those things where you wait on the runway - for three hours... We're dying for water and drink and something to eat."