Director Randy Moore was almost busted shooting psychological horror Escape From Tomorrow guerilla-style in Disneyland after security guards mistook his camera crew for paparazzi as they followed the actors around the theme park.

The moviemaker did not have a permit to officially film at the California attraction and instead gave a group of cameramen the same handheld devices used by tourists to shoot the black and white footage for the picture, about a frustrated father who loses his grip on reality while on a day out with his family.

Actors Roy Abramsohn and Elena Schuber were tailed by the crew as they repeatedly hopped on rides like It's a Small World to film from different perspectives, but the large entourage raised Disney bosses' suspicions and the pair and its two screen kids were pulled to one side.

Moore feared they would be booted from the park before they could complete filming, but quick thinking by Abramsohn and Schuber's two young co-stars saved the day.

During an appearance on U.S. breakfast show Today, he said, "Towards the end there was a moment where they (Disney security) thought our crew was paparazzi and they thought they were following a celebrity couple around and they pulled them off to the side and they asked them, 'Are you celebrities?' and they said, 'No,' and they said, 'Why do you have paparazzi following you?' At which point they acted like they had no idea... They said, 'Wait right here,' and at that point the kids, they were so smart, said they needed to go to the bathroom and they said, 'Ok, take your kids to the bathroom and when you're done come right back here.'

"So they went in the bathroom and removed their sound equipment and when they came back, as faith would have it, a parade was coming down Main Street that separated them from the security personnel (allowing them to get away)."