The producers of medical drama ER have taken a lead from former castmember George Clooney and are getting political about the crisis in war-torn Darfur. The show's bosses set last night's (04MAY06) harrowing episode in one of The Sudan's refugee camps as cast regular Mekhi Phifer's character finds himself in the thick of the desperate situation in Darfur with former colleague DR JOHN CARTER, played by Noah Wyle making a return to the drama. The THERE ARE NO ANGELS HERE episode comes a week after Clooney and his newsman father Nick Clooney jetted off to The Sudan to interview desperate refugees fleeing for their lives from Arab militia. ER producer DAVID ZABEL insists he felt compelled to give viewers a real look at the situation in eastern Africa on the popular medical drama - as TV doctors attempted to deal with medical crises in a refugee camp. Zabel says, "Darfur is a glaring example of a situation in the world that people don't know enough about, that they need to know more about and, hopefully, help start to find solutions." And former ER star Clooney, who shot footage of himself and his father meeting refugees for news broadcasts, continues to do his bit to raise awareness about Darfur - he has been talking about the desperation he saw for himself on news shows. Clooney also marched with other activists, celebrities and politicians on Sunday (30APR06) at the Save Darfur Coalition Rally To Stop Genocide in Washington, DC, which was aimed at prompting more US leaders to agree to act and bring the east African atrocities to an end.