The male stars of TV show ENTOURAGE have been accused of having two female extras fired after their romantic advances were rebuffed.
Irina Voronina claims she and an unnamed co-star clashed with the lead actors, including Adrien Grenier and Jeremy Piven, when the group shot the show's title sequence in a limo in Hollywood.
She alleges the actors made suggestive remarks to her and her pal, and then turned nasty when their approaches were rejected.
Voronina tells the New York Daily News, "After doing two episodes I was asked to do the main title shot in a limo.
"The boys were very direct about what they wanted to do later. They were hitting on me in a very diminishing way. They made me feel like a piece of meat sitting with a big star.
"I made it clear there would be no after-party. So the boys complained to the director. We were basically told that we weren't nice to the actors and that we were fired."
A show spokesperson has dismissed the actress' claim, telling the newspaper, "This is an unfounded and unsubstantiated allegation from a woman who worked on the show five years ago, and we are not going to dignify it beyond that."