Emilia Wickstead's love of designing started at five years old.

The New Zealand-born fashion designer has revealed her creative mother Angela - who was also a designer and owned her own boutique - sparked her interest for creating new garments, and at an early age she would scour through heaps of leftover materials and would be making clothes and accessories.

She told Vogue magazine: ''As a five-year-old, i would rummage through the scrap fabric bins and create elaborate outfits and headbands with large, unattractive stitches.

''When I was older, I would site with my mother while she worked, watching her fitting client after clients and listening in too their conversation as I refilled her pin cushions.''

And Angela's catwalk shows always left her daughter ''starry-eyed''.

Emilia continued: ''Her fashion shows always left me starry-eyed, but it was never easy and the inevitable struggles that came with them were referred to as 'character building moments'.''

However, six years later the creative mastermind - who founded her eponymous brand in 2008 - soon became more involved with her mother's exhibitions as she started to grace the runway wearing Angela's designs.

She said: ''I had modelled for my mother since I was 12, before becoming her fit model during my teens.

''As a young teenager I experimented with style and music.''

And when Emilia wasn't at school or with her mother she would spend hours sifting through charity shops for vintage garments.

She said: ''Weekends were spent raiding second-hand stores with girlfriends.''