Thieves have stolen jewellery worth $32,400 (GBP18,000) in a raid on a museum dedicated to ELVIS PRESLEY - but they missed his famous blue suede shoes.

The Nevada city's ELVIS-A-RAMA museum was broken into on Sunday (14MAR04) and owner CHRIS DAVIDSON says 80 per cent of the jewellery on display was snatched.

Among the stolen goods were a gold-plated handgun, a custom scarf, a bracelet and watch and Presley's high school ring.

Fortunately the LOVE ME TENDER singer's blue suede shoes were left untouched.

However, Davidson is most upset about the theft of an EP diamond pendant and chain, and a ruby and diamond star-shaped ring Presley purchased in the city.

He says, "Those two pieces, I'm crushed over. It's devastating."

18/03/2004 13:34