Ellie Brown has addressed her 'Love Island' hair extension disaster.

The 20-year-old Newcastle girl was booted out of the villa over a week ago with partner Charlie Brake, a billionaire socialite from Chelsea.

Ellie was the victim of cruel internet trolls when in the villa, who bullied her on twitter about the state of her hair extensions.

One user wrote: ''Am I the only one that get's annoyed at Ellie's hair extensions?? They look SOOO unnatural, ratty and straw like. [sic]''

Another said: ''Hopefully Charlie's money will elevate Ellie's Hair situation.''

Once Ellie had returned from Mallorca, she posted a photograph on Instagram of her 'Love Island' press shot, with a caption that expressed how happy she was to have met Charlie, the post also addressed the condition of her hair.

She wrote: ''I am SO bad at my own hair and makeup never mind having pie and ice cream etc in it. I usually get a blow dry once a week because I'm so bad, it's getting sorted ASAP I promise. [sic]''

The beauty posted another picture days later of her new pristine blonde hair extensions.

She wrote: ''Thank you so much to Jodie at @ivoryhairdressing for my colour and extensions using @zenluxuryextensions, these girls have saved me!! [sic]''

One user simply commented: ''Thank God''.

Other users defended Ellie's hair extensions, and went on to talk about how hard it is to keep up a beauty regime in the villa.

Another user said: ''New hair Yeah these ones look so much better but fresh sets always do. I personally think Laura's extensions look FAR worse than Ellie's old ones ever did.

''Yeah the colour was slightly off and they got a bit straggly at times but extensions are SO hard to maintain normally, let alone in the sun, heat, chlorine etc and with all the shit that must have got in them during the challenges.''