Ellie Bamber's silver boots earned her the nickname Barbarella on the set of 'Nocturnal Animals'.

The 20-year-old model used to be given the affection nickname by the film's director Tom Ford as she used to rock up in bright silver boots every day.

She said: ''Tom used to call me Barbarella on set because I used to wear these silver boots; there was a Halloween party the other day and I went as her.''

And Ellie really enjoyed being able to work with Tom on the movie and praised his attention to detail.

She added: ''[I loved his attention to detail] because they were things that I didn't have to think about ... he had these incredible mood boards. I remember we had meetings with him and I would have an hour's session with him and talk about things like the accent.

''Obviously he's from Texas, so he was able to give me a clear idea of what my own character's upbringing was like. He was great with the direction, giving me notes. He would say, 'Okay we need to work on that, we need to work on this. Let's get that together.'''

Ellie is a huge fashion fan and has a number of favourite shops both here in her home country of the UK and also in New York.

She told ES Magazine: ''My favourite vintage shop in New York is called Screaming Mimi's, and whenever I go I'll spend three hours in there just trawling ... [In London, it's] Machine-A, Dover Street Market and Pop Boutique. It's round the corner from the Donmar, so it's quite handy.''

The full interview appears in this week's issue of ES Magazine, out Thursday November 23.