Wednesday's military coup in Egypt was not limited to the offices of government. As the Egyptian outlet of satellite news service al-Jazeera was reporting live on the coup, its studios and offices were raided by security forces, who shut down the feed and detained several people working at the station. Our correspondents reported being interrupted during a live broadcast, with presenters and guests being arrested, the channel said. A live broadcast of a rally supporting ousted President Mohamed Morsi was also shut down. Similarly Misr25, the TV station operated by the Muslim Brotherhood, suddenly went black after announcing Morsi's ouster. A live feed from the station was being carried by al-Jazeera English when the plug was pulled. The action was condemned by the New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists, whose Middle East and North Africa coordinator, Sherif Mansour, issued a statement saying, We urge the military not to deprive Egyptians of information sources at this important juncture.