Editors' new album explores ''the need for human connection''.

The English rock band - comprised of frontman Tom Smith, Russell Leetch, Ed Lay, Justin Lockey, and Elliott Williams - are set to release their sixth studio album 'Violence' on March 9, and have said the songs on the record delve into themes of ''intimacy''.

Tom Smith said: ''There's a thread on a lot of these songs - the need for human connection or coming together as people; an intimacy, with a loved one or a friend, as an escape from the outside world.''

The 'Papillon' hitmakers worked with electronic musician Blanck Mass for their record, and Tom believes they've managed to find the right balance between ''melody and brutality''.

Speaking to Jo Whiley on UK radio station BBC Radio 2, he said: ''We had a lot of help from a guy called Blanck Mass, who makes very brutal electronic music. So when it's electronic, it's very electronic. But then when it's guitar-y, it's very band driven. I think we've managed to find the balance of those two things better than we have done before.

''Over the years, we've gone from backwards between more band-orientated sounding records and more electronic records. I think there's a balance here between melody and brutality that I don't think we've managed to get before.''

On Monday (15.01.18) the group released 'Magazine', the lead single from the album, and premiered its video on Tuesday (16.01.18).

According to NME.com, who premiered the video, the band have described the song as ''a pointed finger aimed at those in power ... some corrupt politician or businessman ... a character, and a tongue in cheek poke at the empty posturing and playing to the masses of the power hungry.''

'Violence' is set to hit shelves on March 9, and comes as Editors' first record since 2015's 'Dream'.