PAYCHECK heart-throb Aaron Eckhart has freed himself of all his vices after quitting alcohol and smoking.

The Morman actor, 35, who hit the big time after playing Julia Roberts' boyfriend GEORGE in Erin Brockovich four years ago (00), turned to hypnotherapy to conquer his bad habits.

Eckhart explains, "Drinking - it wasn't adding anything to my life and I quit smoking too. I haven't had a cigarette since last August (03).

"I did hypnotherapy with a guy called KERRY GAYNOR. He's a miracle worker. It took three sessions for smoking and four for drinking.

"If drinking is affecting your behaviour, it shouldn't be in your life. If it's not - drink till you f**king die. For me, having a beer stopped being worth it."

23/02/2004 17:26