EAGLES rocker Don Henley has confessed money tempted the legendary rock band to reunite. The Hotel California hitmakers reformed to record a new album, Long Road Out Of Eden, which they are promoting on a lucrative tour. And Henley admits the bandmembers were driven by money and the desire to be heard again. He says, "Well, I won't say that that's (money) not part of it. There's something greater than money about this and that's the sense of satisfaction. "There's no greater, more satisfying thing for me than hearing a song that I've written or co-written come to fruition in a recording studio. "It's addictive. And you wanna keep doing it." And Henley chose to address criticism from fans about how long they had to wait for a new album from the rock icons on a 60 Minutes news special, which aired in America on Sunday (25Nov07). He adds, "So it took 28 years... So what. I'd much rather make what I consider to be a really good album every 28 years than to make a mediocre album every year. I'm proud of the album and I'm glad we did it. And if we never make another one, that'll be fine too."