EAGLES rockers Glenn Frey and Don Henley have defended their decades long conflict - insisting it's normal for bandmates to fight. The pair put their past behind them to reunite with the band, after 28 years - but they still argue. Henley says, "It's the typical, quintessential normal stuff that every band on earth goes through: 'How many songs am I gonna have on the album? What do I get to sing? Are you going to co-write with me? Are you not going to co-write with me?' "It's a myth to think that a band can be a complete democracy. Glenn started the band. And he's the one that had the vision. He's the one who named the band. He's the one who found the first hit single and sang it. And, you know, it's basically his band. "I don't always agree with the decisions he makes and he doesn't always agree with what I wanna do. So, again, it's always a compromise. You know, and as long as you're willing to compromise, that's fine. But, there are days, when you just get tired of compromising." Frey adds, "It's a little bit like brothers. We're in business together. We will forever be associated. You know, we might as well get along."