The cast of glitzy 1980s soap DYNASTY could have looked very different if producers had decided to stick with their original stars. THE A-Team star George Peppard was originally cast as BLAKE CARRINGTON and Angie Dickinson and Sophia Loren were among those on the shortlist to play famous foes CRYSTAL and ALEXIS respectively. Eventually, John Forsythe landed the role of Blake, Joan Collins played superbitch Alexis and Linda Evans took on the part of Crystal. Unlike her big-name co-stars, Evans admits the role kick started her career and she'll be forever indebted to DICkinson for turning the part down. She says, "She's a friend and I adore her but I said to her, 'Thank you so much for being tired.'" Evans also reveals she shot the Dynasty pilot with Peppard. She recalls, "After we finished they decided they didn't want to do it - the network and George mutually - and then they gave the part to John Forsythe, who had given me my first speaking part when I was 15." A Hollywood writer's strike meant the pilot wasn't reshot - with Forsythe as Carrington - for a year.