Bollywood badboy SANJAY DUTT has been barred from standing in India's forthcoming elections because of his conviction in connection to the 1993 terrorist attacks in Mumbai.
The actor was sentenced to six years in jail in July 2007 for buying weapons from bombers who attacked the city.
He was bailed in November 2007 while awaiting his appeal hearing - and was hoping to run as a Samajwadi Party candidate at the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.
But the Indian Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday (31Mar09) that the actor is not permitted to stand in elections for the duration of his sentence.
The court ruling reads: "It is not a fit case for suspension of conviction because of his (Sanjay Dutt) involvement in a serious offence."
Dutt is currently appealing in the Supreme Court against his conviction of holding illegal arms in the run-up to the 1993 Mumbai serial bombings.
He is the most high-profile of 100 people convicted in connection with the blasts, which left 257 people dead.