Bollywood bad boy SANJAY DUTT has woven his hypnotic web among the people of South Africa - and has been compared by industry bosses to a "Hollywood megastar". President Durban Chamber of Commerce and Industry Themba Ngcobo was visiting India in a bid to drum up investment opportunities for the country - but during his stay he couldn't resist lavishing praise on the Bollywood star. Ngcobo says, "He is bigger than any icon there. He has girls swooning over him and his fan following is bigger than any Hollywood megastar. South Africans just love him. "In fact, I am one of his fans myself and I have never missed any of his films, even though I usually see it with subtitles." In 2007, the star spent nearly three months behind bars after he was found guilty of illegal weapons charges in connection with the 1993 train bombings in Mumbai, which killed over 200 people. Dutt was released on bail in November (07) pending the outcome of his appeal to the Indian Supreme Court. A date for the hearing has yet to be set.