Kidnap and rape victim Jaycee Dugard's heartbreaking memoir A Stolen Life is breaking eBook records.
Over 100,000 copies of 175,000 sold in the book's first day on release (12Jul11) were snapped up by users of electronic libraries like Kindle and Nook. That's a new one-day eBook sales record.
The tome details Dugard's abduction in South Lake Tahoe, California in 1991, at the age of 11, and the years she spent captive in the backyard of convicted sex offender Phillip Craig Garrido, who fathered two children with his young prisoner.
There are currently 425,000 copies of the book in print and publishers at Simon & Schuster are racing against the clock to make more available.
Spokeswoman Tracey Guest tells Usa Today newspaper, "We're reprinting and shipping at the fastest pace possible to meet high demand for the book."
Also selling well is the audio version of the book, which features Dugard reading her own story.