LATEST: Reclusive hip-hop mogul DR. DRE is set for two very personal exposes about his life and career - his mother and longtime sidekick are releasing books in 2008. As revealed earlier this week (beg10Mar08), Verna Griffin will document her son's struggle from rags to riches in Long Road Outta Compton. And now Dre's former right-hand man Bruce Williams has revealed he'll expose everything about the rap icon's dealings with Death Row Records co-founder Suge Knight, Eminem, 50 Cent and The Game. His book, Rollin' With Dre, will hit book stores at the end of March (08). Williams says, "I'm going to blow the top off everything I saw." A spokeswoman for publishers Random House adds, "As Dre's confidant and the problem-solver to a stable of artists and others who came to know him as Uncle Bruce, Williams was either there when the action went down or close enough to feel the hollow-points whizz by. "Bruce talks about Dre's reconciliation with (NWA co-founder) Eazy-E before E's untimely demise from AIDS and what was behind the reconciliation press conference for 50 Cent and The Game."