Hip-hop legend DR. DRE is facing legal action over an alleged invasion of privacy incident dating back to 2000. The rapper/producer - real name Andre Romell Young - is accused of secretly videotaping a conversation with three former City of Detroit, Michigan, employees in which they ask Dre's Up In Smoke concert promoter not to show a video containing nudity at an upcoming gig. The footage - featuring the mayor's former spokesman Greg Bowens, the then-police commander Gary Brown, and former police spokeswoman Paula Bridges - was later released on a DVD. Bowens, Brown and Bridges appeared in Wayne County court on Friday (26Oct07), where they claimed they were not informed of the recording. But Dre, who was represented by his attorney Herschel Fink, insists the talks took place in a public area where cameras were visibly in use. Fink has filed a motion with Judge John A. Murphy to have the case dismissed, but a decision has yet to be made. Dre has previously been handed victory in the same case against the three officials - a court ruling in 2003 dismissed the trio's federal lawsuit accusing the producer of violating wiretapping laws.