Scottish singer/songwriter Donovan has launched an exclusive masterclass for aspiring musicians.

The Mellow Yellow hitmaker, who claims to have given songwriting advice to The Beatles, will take seven wannabes to a luxury resort in the Bahamas and teach them the tricks of the trade.

The price of a place on the course will only be disclosed to applicants, who must submit a video of themselves performing a self-written song on an acoustic guitar.

Donovan says of the venture, "I am going to do an exclusive composition master-class next January. You have to write a song and send me a video of your performance. If you join me I will show you some very interesting chord formations that even The Beatles missed in their incredible study of popular music...

"I will only tell the cost to people who email me and apply. But this is a very exclusive course at a Bahamian resort. You can bring a partner and have a holiday as well. I will show you even more than I taught The Beatles."