Britain's own Tin Pan Alley has been officially recognised as the heart of the country's music industry, and veteran star Donovan gave a performance in the street to celebrate the honour on Sunday (07Mar14).

Denmark Street in London contains a row of music shops popular with U.K. stars since the 1950s, and rockers including Jimi Hendrix and David Bowie would often frequent its Giaconda cafe.

Now the road has been given an iconic blue plaque by officials from The Heritage Foundation, which reads, "This street was 'Tin Pan Alley' 1911-1992. Home of the British Publishers and Songwriters and their meeting place The Giaconda."

The signs are placed at significant historical sites across the U.K., and to mark the event, Mellow Yellow hitmaker Donovan penned a new song titled Tin Pan Alley, which he performed outside the Giaconda on Sunday.