Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana are often asked why they do not create ''sexy clothes anymore''.

The creative duo - who founded their eponymous fashion house in 1985 - boast a large celebrity clientele, but when they are quizzed about their creations and are asked to make their designs more provocative they have declined, because they remember ''exactly'' why they made the garment and vow never to ''repeat'' previous items because they think it is ''impossible''.

Speaking to Vogue Online, Dolce, 59, said: ''Many people asked us why we don't make the sexy clothes anymore, so I started to look at my archive. Honestly, every piece of clothing to me is a moment. I remember exactly why we made it. And we never want to repeat the same show, which is why we changed. It was a moment. It's impossible to repeat.''

And the moguls have revealed they prefer to work with ''characters'' rather than models because it enables the duo to find the ''correct clothes'' to suit the wearer, which they find ''more exciting''.

Dolce continued: ''When we work with models they are modelling, but with characters you need to discover the character and find the correct clothes for them. It's more exciting, because you can't just make what you want.''

And the pair do not think a designer needs to discuss their outfits and ask for confirmation from stylists about their work, but simply let their ''cool outfits'' do the talking.

Dolce explained: ''If you want to speak to your audience, you need to talk about your experiences; your point of view, your life. Not just make twenty-five cool outfits. If you're honest as a designer, you talk about your life. You don't talk about twenty-five outfits with a stylist going, 'Is this cool like this?' No.''