Dom Joly has involved police after a twitter account was set up and used to write vile comments about his children.

The comedian - who has an 11-year-old daughter, Parker, and a seven-year-old son, Jackson - wrote to the police on the social networking site to report a "death threat" after posts on the account, entitled @deathtojolykids, included one claiming his kids looked as if they had cancer and Down's Syndrome.

He tweeted: "@MetPoliceUk I would like to report a death threat to my kids - this is the twitter account set up - @deathtojolykids."

He then wrote to the "troller" - an internet term for a person posting deliberately provocative comments online - running the disturbing account: "@deathtojolykids report just gone to met police...enjoy.

"Police have been contacted, I have screen grabs, I'll let u know what happens - you can arrest someone who issues a death threat - which you have. I will have you arrested, trust me."