EAGLES star TIMOTHY B. SCHMIDT's dreams of a POCO reunion at the Stagecoach festival in California have been wrecked by a dog bite.
The singer/songwriter was set to perform with the folk rockers on Sunday (26Apr09) for the first time in more than 30 years, but it looks as if his appearance will be limited to just that - an appearance.
A source says, "He may not be playing bass as he was bitten by a dog on his right hand."
But the injury won't prevent Schmidt from joining his old bandmates onstage.
He'll be donating his performance fee to former Poco star George Grantham, who is struggling to cover his medical insurance after suffering a severe stroke.
The Stagecoach Poco reunion comes a year after band leader Richie Furay attempted to reform the group - but his hip replacement surgery wrecked plans.
He says, "The Stagecoach people wanted us to do it a year ago, but it wasn't possible."
Now, rather than stage a simple reunion, Furay plans to hit the stage with every former member of his band.
He says, "I think it's great to do it this way. I'm just amazed that, after dropping out, I was able to come back. I'm excited."
Furay turned his back on the music industry in the mid-1970s to devote his attention to his faith - he is a pastor in Colorado.