Filmmaker Jon Spira is calling on sci-fi fans to help him track down the extras and bit-part players from the first Star Wars film in 1977 for a new documentary.

The Anyone Can Play Guitar director has already teamed up with Derek Lyons, who portrayed a Medal Bearer and Massassi Guard in Star Wars Episode Iv: A New Hope, and other extras and now he wants fans of the franchise to help fund a new film about the making of the film.

He says, "In 1976, during the hottest summer on record, Star Wars was shot in suburban North London. Nobody involved had any idea how big the film would become, many couldn't even remember the title.

"Yet, for the extras and actors in smaller roles, their faces hidden in masks and helmets, this seemingly insignificant job would go on to colour their lives even four decades later."

His film, Elstree 1976, centres around 10 of the unseen heroes of the first Star Wars film.

In a new fundraising video, Spira is asking sci-fi fans to help him raise over $48,000 (Gbp30,000) to help him complete the project.

Anyone who donates $1,200 (Gbp750) will be given an automatic executive producer credit, while the first person to hand over $3,200 (Gbp2,000) will land a replica Boba Fett helmet signed by actor Jeremy Bulloch, who played the bounty hunter in the first Star Wars trilogy.

News of the film comes just weeks after work on the latest Star Wars movie began in London.