DO OR DIE rapper BELO ZERO has pleaded guilty to a second degree murder charge in relation to an incident in 2002. The hip-hop star - real name Darnell Smith - is accused of gunning down Raynard 'B-Dog' Pinkston during a gang-related fight in November 2002. He entered the guilty plea on Wednesday (10Oct07) at a U.S. court and is facing a 10-year stretch behind bars, after negotiating a deal with prosecutors. And Pinkston's brother, D'Angelo Dixon, is glad to have finally gotten justice for his sibling's death. He says, "I think it's a good outcome, and I thank God for it. I'm glad that guy got 10 years." Smith's girlfriend, Felicia Hamilton, was convicted of obstructing the course of justice and bribing a witness involved in the rapper's murder trial earlier this year (Apr07). Smith will be officially sentenced on 8 November (07).