Dance Dj/producer Dj SKRIBBLE has filed suit against Las Vegas club bosses over allegations they reneged on his payment for a one-year residency deal.

The Everybody Come On hitmaker claims he was hired for a year-long engagement at the Chateau Nightclub, which would pay him $3,500 (£2,190) per gig, but the deal went downhill after the venue was taken over by a new management team.

Dj Skribble alleges the new bosses slandered him at the club by reportedly telling customers he should "be put in the bathroom to play" and then dumped him as the house Dj.

In legal papers obtained by, he states he is owed $42,000 (£26,250) for the cancelled gigs, but is seeking $1 million (£625,000) for breach of contract and damage to his reputation.