Hip-hop stars Dj Paul and Da Mafia 6 are paying tribute to their late bandmate Lord Infamous by taking his casket with them on tour.

The rapper, real name Ricky Dunigan, suffered a fatal heart attack in December (13), at the age of 40, but DJ Paul is still struggling to come to terms with the loss of his half-brother and he is determined to keep his spirit alive onstage by keeping his casket nearby.

He says, "We're bringing his casket out, we're bringing it to every show. I wanted him to be there. I'm that kind of guy - a weird, kinda creepy kind of guy. I had to pay a lot of money to get an extended tour trailer that would fit his casket and all of the merch (merchandise)."

Lord Infamous and DJ Paul were co-founders of Three 6 Mafia and formed the spin-off group, Da Mafia 6, last year (13) with five of the original six members of the Oscar-winning group.

Da Mafia 6's Triple 6ix Tour kicks off in Memphis, Tennessee on Friday night (28Feb14).