Rapper Future's tourmate Dj Esco has been released from jail in the United Arab Emirates, two months after he was arrested on drug possession charges.

The Dj had travelled to the Middle East in November (14) to appear alongside Future at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix concerts, but he was placed behind bars after he was reportedly caught in possession of a stash of marijuana after arriving at Dubai International Airport from Amsterdam, Holland.

He was given a drug test, which showed he had pot in his system, and jailed.

However, prosecutors have since decided not to pursue the possession counts and have dropped charges of marijuana consumption.

Defence lawyer Mohammad Al Redha tells 7daysindubai.com, "He admitted that he consumed marijuana before coming to Dubai. He didn't have any criminal intention and was not aware that marijuana is illegal in the Uae. It was a mistake."

Al Redha also reveals Esco has been keeping in good spirits, despite spending the Thanksgiving, Chrismas and New Year holidays behind bars.

He adds, "He is a charming and polite person - even his (prison) wardens loved his character. He will be back home soon."