Disney Channel star Allie Deberry will make a high school romantic's dreams come true next month (03May14) when she accompanies him to his prom.

Justin Hang, 18, posted a heartfelt video on YouTube.com last month (Mar14) asking the A.N.T. Farm star to be his date to the upcoming Fenton High School dance in Michigan.

The hopeful teen said, "I'm gonna be real. I've got game, you know what I mean? I've got game... I don't have a girlfriend, I've never been to a prom before. So Allie, maybe you can make that happen for me."

Upon learning of Hang's video invite, DeBerry, 19, offered up a challenge, telling the high school senior she will be his prom date if he got 1,500 retweets.

The student landed his dream date thanks to Los Angeles-based DJ Ryan Seacrest, who heard all about the quest and invited Hang to join him on-air.

The 18 year old appeared on his show last week (27Mar14) and listeners helped him reach the goal set by the actress.

He tells MLive.com, "When I hit 1,000 (retweets), I was contacted by Ryan Seacrest and I was like, 'Is this real life right now?'"

DeBerry plans to make good on her promise - she has sent Hang a sweet tweet that reads: "I'd better go pick out my dress!"